Cold Beer – Your Best Asset

Cold Beer – Through Temperature Monitoring

Ever gone to a sports bar, ordered a tall glass of beer, but ended up with… a warm beer!? That’s a problem, because beer temperature matters!

The best beer served warm is a turn-off to most. Especially when the sign outside says ICE COLD BEER. Now with TempGuard, your cooler temperature will be ready to deliver ice cold beer out of an ice cold mug!

Until now, businesses that serve alcohol have beer cooler thermometers that hang inside the cooler, but it must be monitored by bar staff – who has time for that? With TempGuard the beer cooler thermometer is a wireless temperature sensor that updates in real time via bluetooth and is sent to the TempGuard App for easy access whenever it may be needed or alert if the temp is too high

It’s not just the beer cooler that needs to be monitored! All across the restaurant, all foods and beverages need to be at the right temperature to stay fresh and to keep customers satisfied. For instance, there needs to be a meat case thermometer, walk-in cooler thermometer, and a hot food thermometer. It is vital to monitor all temperatures to keep hot foods hot, cold foods cold and within the threshold of the temperature danger zone.

This wireless bluetooth beacon from TempGuard, allows a company to save time, money, and labor costs. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love saving money?