How TempGuard Can Help Your Food Business

Providing Solutions Through And Through.
In today’s day and age, foodborne illness is one of the most common ailments people experience on a daily basis. Possible causes can come from bacteria, improper handling, improper cooking, and most commonly, poor food safety temperature.
Storing food has become synonymous with eating food. The way we store our food matters in restaurants, schools, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, homes, and the list goes on and on. Without the proper food safety temperature, food can spoil without most people even realizing. Food temperature is absolutely integral to sustaining a healthy eating experience.
Here at TempGuard, we understand how to determine and implement exactly what it takes to ensure that the food in your coolers and freezers remains well preserved and safe to eat.

What We Do
TempGuard provides cooler monitoring and freezer monitoring services to any business that stores or sells food. Regardless of your industry, we know just what it takes to determine the proper food safety temperature and ensure that your coolers and freezers maintain this temperature at all costs.

Food Solutions Through And Through
When a chef prepares a meal, they are always sure to check that whatever they prepare is cooked through and through. Like a chef, TempGuard ensures that our solutions work through and through. When it comes to food, quality is always of the utmost importance. With TempGuard’s cooler monitoring and freezer monitoring services, you can rest assured and feel confident that the food being served to your valued customers is safe, healthy, and high quality.
Our services are extensive – with digital equipment monitoring, digital checklists, and digital quality control, TempGuard gives every client the opportunity to monitor nearly every aspect of their food supply, from delivery to preparation. Our platform is easy to use and pragmatically designed to ensure that you have all of the information you need right in front of you at all times.
The need for an optimized food safety temperature platform with cooler and freezer monitoring has never been greater. As food supplies become more and more saturated with harmful chemicals and pesticides, the way we store and prepare our food becomes even more integral to ensuring a healthy meal.
TempGuard’s food safety temperature system is finally here, the food safety solution that businesses have been waiting for. Contact us today to inquire about TempGuard’s services.