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Why TempGuard?

Simple, Fast Deployment

Your TempGuard mobile app makes setting up your location simple. Have accurate temperature reports by tomorrow.

Customizable Application

We understand each location is different. The TempGuard platform can be customized to meet any location size.

Affordable Temperature Monitoring

Our wireless temperature monitoring system is affordable for businesses of any size. Request a demo to see how much you could save. At a fraction of your cost of manual recording, TempGuard is affordable.

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Remote Temperature Monitor for any Industry

Food safety requires accurate temperature recording. Having an employee walk from thermometer to thermometer with a clipboard and pen is ineffective, cumbersome, and costly. TempGuard replaces that labor at a fraction of the cost.

Whether your industry is food service, food transportation, industrial, or healthcare, the remote temperature monitor solution from TempGuard works for you. Control your food chain and keep your cool!

From the largest region to the smallest cooler our smart technology helps your organization to operate in the digital world so you can work smarter not harder.

Remote Temperature Monitor for any Industry

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An Innovative Food Safety Solution

The TempGuard platform provides advanced cooler and freezer monitoring capabilities that proactively alerts management to provide the proper food safety temperature for your entire inventory.

TempGuard completely upgrades your food safety process to the digital age.

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