TempGuard provides temperature monitoring on a global scale. With the most advanced temp sensors TempGuard is able to provide remote temperature monitoring and environmental control for container shipping customers who span the globe.

Temperature monitoring across the globe

Global Container Temperature Tracking

No matter where in the globe your vessel may be located, TempGuard provides temperature visibility and tracking on all of your containers. We work with all of the major container manufacturers to give you remote control of the refrigerated shipping container environment. Our experience in the container shipping industry has allowed us to work with some of the largest liner shipping companies providing a premium product with a real ROI through temperature data logging and environmental control.

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The TempGuard Difference Automated

Temperature Monitoring
Historical logging & real time alerting

Environmental Control
Remotely change temperatures

Global Tracking
Track your containers throughout the globe

Data Analytics
Powerful insights & integration

Data Security
Encrtpyed for your data protection

Global sim
Stay connected no matter where you ship

The TempGuard Approach

We seek to understand the challenges and goals of your business first – we don’t “force” a solution

We work directly with you to customize the solution that meets your unique needs

We stress test our solution under “your” demands

Real Results
We measure and measure again to ensure a valid ROI

Ongoing Support
We are always available to support the solution

Ready to see how TempGuard remote temperature monitors can make your refrigerated shipping business more efficient and profitable?

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