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Interested in joining a growing dynamic team of professionals? At TempGuard we depend on developers, project managers, marketers, and sales representatives to keep TempGuard thriving. We are entrepreneurs pushing the envelope on software solutions that improve businesses bottom line. Learn more about our current job openings.

New technologies are the future for the business world. We at FleetMode have developed many new, cutting-edge tech products to help businesses grow. Over 18 million people have had one of our apps. Our latest is TempGuard.

What is TempGuard?
TempGuard monitors, records, reports and alerts businesses of all of the temperatures. For Retail Food Businesses, this is needed for Food Safety. For restaurants, it assures Food Quality. Businesses need to know what the temperature is in their freezers, coolers, buffet lines, crockpots, rotisserie chickens, etc. TempGuard constantly monitors and records temps and sends the information to the manager’s smartphone and/or computer. TempGuard alerts when the temperature varies towards the “Danger Zone”. It saves labor. It reduces spoilage. It assures quality. It is compliant with HACCP processes and Food Inspectors requirements.