The TempGuard platform is simple to deploy but offers powerful results which can be used to make your organization more efficient. See how our wireless temperature sensors work to make any piece of equipment intelligent.

1. Temperature Sensor Deployment

A wireless temperature sensor called a TempGuard SmartDot is placed in the desired unit/zone to monitor

A Bluetooth Gateway (Sensor Box) is plugged into a standard 120V outlet

Up to 20 SmartDot sensors can be scanned by one Gateway Box

A wireless temperature sensor in a cooler

2. Instant Temperature Measurement

SmartDots record ambient temperature and send those readings to the TempGuard Gateway via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE)

The TempGuard Gateway automatically relays the temperature data into the secure network, allowing you to view real-time temperatures and run a report from your smartphone or desktop computer

Temperatures being measured by temp sensor

3. Turn Data into Actionable Insights

While being able to monitor temperature zones does provide many benefits, it is the valuable data (Automated Temperature Monitoring Reports) that creates a smarter organization.

Your temperature sensors allow you to analyze patterns which can in turn be used to make your organization more efficient. Reduce labor costs, save energy, schedule maintenance and develop new methods for better cold and hot chain management.

Computer showing how industrial temperature monitors send data

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