No matter the time or location TempGuard provides up the minute temperature monitoring of coolers, freezers, hot stations, and a host of other equipment. We monitor your temperatures so you don’t have too. Lose the paper and pen by going digital with TempGuard.


24/7 Visibility

TempGuard is always running keeping your food safe even while you sleep.


Access from Anywhere

Whether you’re at the location or thousands of miles away TempGuard gives you visibility of your temperatures in the palm of your hand.


Access from Any Platform

Do you prefer Apple or Android? PC or Mac? TempGuard works on any smart mobile device, tablet, or desktop/laptop computer.


Custom Alerting

We will alert you when a temperature goes out of compliance. How you receive those alerts is up to you. SMS, emails, and notifications are all available.


Equipment Agnostic

Our sensors work for all kinds of equipment, no matter the age. Simply place inside the piece of equipment and begin receiving temperature data.

TempGuard Phone App

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