Managing food safety is an essential part for any restaurant. TempGuard can monitor & record your restaurant’s food temperature zones ensuring food safety compliance. Whether you want to monitor your Hot or your Cold zones the TempGuard solution provides efficient HACCP control.

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Ensure Quality

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Prevent Spoilage

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Save Labor

Automated recording


Ensure Quality

We understand that food service is your business and food quality plays a critical part. With TempGuard you can ensure a consistent quality product whether it be different shifts or stores.

By having visibility of storage and cooking temperatures you can be sure your product is of the highest quality when it arrives on your customer’s plate.

When cooking temperatures are critical for a perfectly prepared dish our TempGuard probes and sensors can accurately report, record, and track temperatures.

Prevent Spoilage

A change in temperature can breed bacteria and spoil your costly inventory. TempGuard gives you a warning if any temperature zones change towards the “Danger Zone”.

TempGuard provides immediate, customized alerts if your food nears dangerous environmental conditions. No more having a cooler breakdown without your knowledge. TempGuard alerts warn you of a possible problem, giving you time to respond and prevent food spoilage, and schedule maintenance. TempGuard works with your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) processes for maximum food safety.

Save Labor

To adhere to company and government regulations, the frequent logging of temperatures is  required. This can mean your employees are no longer cooking but are walking around scribbling down thermometer temperatures.

Eliminate the need to manually record temperatures. No need to use staff during a “rush”. TempGuard automatically takes temperature measurements 24/7.

Automated Recording

TempGuard provides real time visibility for all of your temperature zones. Records are digitally created 24/7 to be viewed from your phone or computer.

Need to print out reports for inspections or your own records? TempGuard stores all of your historic data to be accessed at your convenience.

Need to ensure franchisees are following the correct temperature guidelines? TempGuard can give visibility to corporate management for the oversight they need. Your location’s records can be accessed from any location through secure, encrypted cloud storage.

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